"I love this book!

Despite what seems like a hopeless situation, the author shows that you can change a child's life with love and perseverance. I found myself cheering for Zhoe."

Jean Vaughn
Gainesville, FL

"I just finished the book!

It was awesome! What a great tribute to your perseverance and the power of love!"

Becky Burleigh 
UF Head Soccer Coach

"Poignant and inspirational.

A demonstration of the depth of your beliefs, courage, character and love. An inside look at culture so different than ours. You have given back, not in equal measure but more than you've been given. Well written - Well done!"

Torah Cole
Miramar, Florida

"Lee Philips' first book...

"the story of her unsuspecting and willful journey to not give up on one small soul in China, is simply a read to be experienced. It will change something inside of you. Her story will have an impact on how you view the bonds of love, and maybe, just maybe give you courage to make a change in some one elses' life, no matter how big or how small.

Lisa McHugh
Anselmo, California

"This was a fantastic read!

"Such an inspiring story of the power of love and compassion. It's hard to imagine how different Zhoe's life might have been without the perseverance of Lee and Miguel! Their family is truly blessed to have one another.

Brian DeStephens 
Gainesville, FL

"Couldn't put the book down.

Enjoyed every page."

Bonnie Mehan
Gainesville, Florida


"Sandra, such an compelling and inspiring read!

Both you and Zhoe should be proud and I'm so happy for you! I'm spreading the word!"

Michelle Rousseau

"I completely enjoyed this book!

It is a touching personal story that shows how one person can directly change the life of another by making a decision to make a difference. Choosing to get involved and to save the life of a child that has been forgotten. To combat challenges and succeed.

P Kelly 
Gainesville, FL